The Big Question Winning Essay


The practice of law is as ancient as the world itself, it keeps evolving and transforming, a lawyer will do great harm for himself or herself if he or she refuses to embrace the new normal of practicing of law.
It is very important that we make progress even with the way things are currently, for me I strongly believe our justice system should make use of technology in it’s Administration of Justice. There a lot of laws that need to be reformed in order to ensure an effective justice delivery, unfortunately for our judicial system is Nigeria, our laws have been enacted in such a way that technology has been giving little or no consideration, this is because most of our laws don’t get to be reviewed and reformed as it should be, The Quarantine Act of 1926 for example which we still use in this time and century should have been revisited since before now. Other acts such as the Married Women Property Act of 1822 for example should be reviewed and reformed in line with our peculiarities.
Young lawyers especially should leverage on the use of technology in their legal practice, they should not continue to rely on the usual way of doing law, new emerging areas of law like Fintech, Media law, Intellectual property should be considered, becoming experts in such field is very advisable.

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