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The Effects Of The Global Pandemic On The Judicial Sector With J.S Okutepa SAN

Due to the global pandemic that is ravaging every sector in the world, the Elite Lawyers Association with the zeal to bring answers to young lawyers who are greatly affected and to assist the judicial sector profer solutions to its effects; sort and earned an interview section with the most distinguished learned silk J.S Okutepa SAN of Okutepa & Co.

The following were derived from his assertions:

When asked about his views on the welfare of young lawyers, he had this to say:

‘The NBA has set up a welfare committee on Covid-19 where senior lawyers, such as myself, are being called upon to make donations as palliatives for young lawyers. I have my reservations for it….The profession of law is so honorable that I consider it demeaning for young lawyers to be given palliatives as if they are beggars. The nobility of this profession does not allow me to think along that line. I rather want to think along the line that to solve the problems of young lawyers, the NBA, as a professional Association must think beyond giving money as a sign of palliative. Because it’s tantamount to giving fish to a man rather than teaching the man how to fish for himself. So I think my attitude is that we have squandered so many opportunities of creating jobs for young Lawyers.’

He further stated thus;

‘What stops the Attorney general of the various ministries to say if we give out briefs to mr A B, C, and D of N10,000,000 (ten million naira), for instance, the lawyers in the ministry of justice must bring out N3,000,000 (three million naira) from there to give to the young lawyers in the ministry of justice who are assisting you in addition to their salaries, so they can also have money in their pockets?’

‘What stops the Nigerian Bar Association to invest part of our practicing fees in investment-driven opportunities businesses that can be exclusively reserved for lawyers as employment? What stops the Nigerian Bar Association?

The rest of the interesting interview with great insights is revealed in the video clip above.

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Kudos to the learned silk, the NBA should act fast and do something as regards to the welfare of young lawyers, we are tired of campaign promises year in year out

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